Puzzle & Play Wooden Shape Set

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Our open-ended style Puzzles + Play set is based on the Montessori method to seek and develop natural interests and activities. The activities, learning opportunities and development is endless in our beautiful wooden play set. 

just to name a few of the developmental benefits of our Puzzles + Play sets

  • Promotes creativity and learning through play 
  • Develops recognition of shapes by tangible means and learning through stacking, shape sorting, tracing and building.
  • Assists in the development of eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills. 
  • Small world play 
  • Facilitates problem-solving skills 

Our natural sets are crafted from natural beechwood and lovingly hand sanded. The 17 piece stacker includes 4 primary shapes and comes beautiful packaged in an environmentally friendly calico drawstring bag for easy-peasy pack up and taking out for play. 


Designed for use of children 3 years and over. 

features beautiful wood grain that is completely unique and differs piece to piece.

Please use under the supervision of a responsible adult (we know not all adults are responsible 🤣). 

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